WIRG Bulletin Series 1

WEALDEN IRON, Series 1 (1969 – 1980)

WEALDEN IRON is a Bulletin of research now published annually by WIRG. These volumes are now out of print and difficult to obtain; the contents of each volume are listed below.

There is an alphabetical index to Series 1 –pdf download

The  volumes listed below may be downloaded (pdf)  and in each file the contents tables (Vol.3 onwards) are hyperlinked (in blue) to give quick access to the relevant article. Scans originally supplied by WIRG member David Brown, updated 2015 by Jeremy Hodgkinson.

The Contents of Series 2 (1981 to date)  are available here

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 1 (1969)pdf download

    • Convenor’s notes
    • Excavations
      • Bardown, Holbeanwood, Panningridge, Chingley, Beauport Park
    • Preliminary survey of the Iron Industry of the Western Weald
    • Notes & News: 1969 excavations
    • List of iron sites


Wealden Iron, 1st series, 2 (1971)pdf download

    • More than Somewhat?
    • Excavations at Holbeanwood
    • Fieldwork in the Wadhurst – Ticehurst area
    • The Domesday “Ferraria”
    • Broadfields, Crawley
    • Verdley Wood Furnace
    • Chingley Furnace and Forge – Summer 1970
    • Pippingford Bloomery
    • Blacklands, Cansiron Bloomery
    • Publications

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 3 (Spring 1972)pdf download

    • Some memories of Ernest Straker by I. D. Margary
    • The O.S. 6 in. map of c.1870 by J. Pettitt
    • A note on the Beauport Park Roman ironworks by Gerald Brodribb
    • Beauport Park 1971 by Henry Cleere
    • Material found on Wealden Iron Sites
    • A source of field names. Tithe Apportionment Schedules
    • Questions and Answers
    • Investigations by the Buxted team
    • Bloomeries in the upper (east) Rother basin by C. S. Cattell
    • Bloomery slag in Nutfield/Burstow
    • Homan, My Homan by Joseph Pettitt
    • Secretary’s Report
    • Sites for Scheduling
    • Wealden Iron Bibliographies
    • List of Members (at 31 December 1971)

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 4 (Summer 1972)pdf download

    • Editorial by Henry Cleere
    • Notes from the Chairman: The WIRG and Archaeology by C. F. Tebbutt
    • Chemistry and the Wealden Iron Industry by P. J. Ovenden
    • Miscellanea by Brian K. Herbert
    • Aliens in Wealden Iron districts 1524-5 by Joseph Pettitt
    • Notes and Queries
    • A contemporary description of John Brown’s gun-founding furnace at Barden, Kent (1646)
    • Shorter Notes: Marinus and Wealden Iron; A Simple Pantograph
    • Local Team Reports: Buxted, Crawley, East Grinstead, Hastings, West Sussex
    • Slag Road in Surrey by Brian K. Herbert

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 5 (Winter 1973)pdf download

    • Ore for the Wealden Iron Industry by B. C. Worssam
    • Coombeswell Bloomery: A Magnetometer Survey by P. J. Ovenden
    • Pippingford Furnace, 1972
    • Chingley Furnace, 1972 by David Crossley
    • The Use of Bloomery Slag in Blast Furnaces by David Butler
    • The Problem of the Relation of the Wealden Fortified Camps to the Iron Industry by C. F. Tebbutt
    • Pushing Back the Frontier
    • Reports of District Teams: Buxted, Crawley, Slaugham, East Grinstead
    • Questions, Answers and Comments
    • Comments on Recent Publications
    • Secretary’s Notes

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 6 (Summer 1973)pdf download

    • Important Note: Safety in the Field
    • Pushing back the Frontier (Part Two) by Joe Pettitt
    • Cuckfield Furnaces: a new discovery? by Michael Burchall
    • The Problem of Bloomery Sites by C. F. Tebbutt
    • A Memory of Ernest Straker by Jean Shelley
    • Shipments of Guns from Newhaven, 1809-1813 by John Farrant
    • Heathfield Old Furnace and Founders
    • The Moot Hall Site, Crawley
    • Forthcoming Excavations
    • Periodical Literature
    • Inventory of Iron Sites visited by W.I.R.G.
      • Bloomeries – unpowered
      • Water-powered Sites

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 7 (Winter 1974)pdf download

    • The Domesday Ferraria by Joe Pettitt
    • Medieval Bloomeries: A Comment by Editor
    • Notes:
      • Bloomery Slag at Lenham Heath, Kent, by Alec Miles
      • Research on Ores, Slags and Iron
    • Inventory of Iron Sites visited by WIRG.
      • Bloomeries (unpowered)
      • Water-powered sites in order of National Grid Reference Numbers

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 8 (1975)pdf download

    • The Lists of Furnaces and Forges of 1664 by D. W. Crossley
    • Inventory of Sites visited by WIRG
      • Bloomeries
      • Water Powered Sites
      • Miscellaneous
    • Sussex Cannon in East Africa by C. F.Tebbutt
    • The Mystery of Withyham or Stonelands Furnace by C. F.Tebbutt
    • Haxted Mill – Exhibition
    • Broadfields, Crawley by E. Horne and J. Gibson-Hill

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 9 (1976)pdf download

    • Inventory of sites visited by WIRG
      • Bloomeries
      • Water powered sites
    • Darvel Furnace: A note by W. Phyllis White
    • Maresfield Powder Mills, Furnace and Forge by Joseph Pettitt
    • Two outlying Iron-working sites by C. F.Tebbutt
    • Bog Iron or Iron Pan by C. F. Tebbutt
    • Reviews

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 10 (1976)pdf download

    • Historical and Archaeological Notices of the Ironworks of the County of Sussex by Mark Anthony Lower (Reprinted from Sussex Archaeological Collections, 2 (1849)




Wealden Iron, 1st series, 11 (1977)pdf download

    • Reports on Field Work by C.F. Tebbutt
    • Introduction: The Field Group of 1976
    • Sources of Ore for Bloomeries
    • The Late Use of Bell-pits at Ashburnham
    • Pippingford Cow Park Bloomery: Preliminary Report
    • A Water-powered Bloomery at Woolbridge, Mayfield
      • Inventory of Sites
      • Sites Scheduled as Ancient Monuments
    • Iron Sites on Ashdown Forest by C.F. Tebbutt
    • An Aid to Ashburnham Navigation by C.C.Ennever and C.F. Tebbutt
    • The casting of Bronze Guns in the Weald in the 17th Century by R. Towes
    • A Dispute over Iron Ore between Two County Grandees ed. J. Brent
    • Comment and Review

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 12 (1977) – pdf download

    • Reports on Fieldwork by C. F. Tebbutt
      • Further Light on Withyham or Stonelands Furnace
      • Ewhurst/Northiam Furnace
      • Witley Park Furnace
      • Errata (Bulletin 9)
    • Reports on Excavations
      • Pippingford Cow park Bloomery by C. F. Tebbutt
      • Bloomery Furnaces at Maynards Gate, Jarvis Brook by P. Combes
      • Ashburnham Furnace, Penhurst by D. Crossley
    • A Reconstruction of a Gun-casting Blast Furnace by R. Adams
    • Antonio Averlino Filarete: Description of a 15th C Ironworks
    • Review: Ardingly Fulling Mill and Forge
    • Index to Bulletins I-XII by M. Tebbutt

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 13 (1978)pdf download

    • Pippingford Cow Park Bloomery: Interim Report by C.F. Tebbutt
    • Reports on Fieldwork by C.F. Tebbutt
      • Trial Excavations on Bloomery Sites
      • Freshfield Forge
      • Iron Plate from Henley Lower Furnace
      • Pipe-line Sites: Ringmer to Horsted Keynes
    • Recent Meetings
    • Denization Returns and Lay Subsidy Rolls as sources for French Iron-workers in the Weald by B.G. Awty
    • The Wealden Iron Museum at Haxted Water Mill by B.K. Herbert
    • The Mayfield Cannon by P. McCarthy
    • The Carrier’s Account of Robert Knight: Part 1: Introduction by J. Hodgkinson

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 14 (1978)pdf download

    • Some Roman Blooms from the Weald by C.F. Tebbutt
    • Reports on Fieldwork:
      • Ore Mining and transport near Ashburnham by C. C. Ennever
      • Bloomery at Rushlake Green by G. Farebrother
      • Burgh Wood Forge by C.F. Tebbutt
      • The Excavations of a Bell-pit in Benzells Wood, Herstmonceux, Sussex by C. F. Tebbutt
      • Batsford Furnace: Interim Report by by C. F. Tebbutt
    • An Experimental Bloomery, 1978 by D. Combes and R.J. Adams
    • John Collen: his Hammer-forge in Burwash, 1524-6 by J. Pettitt
    • The Carrier’s Account of Robert Knight: Part 2: The Accounts by J. Hodgkinson

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 15 (1979)pdf download

    • Chairman’s Notes
    • Reports on Field Work by C. F. Tebbutt
      • Report of the Field Group
      • Excavations and Explorations
      • Waldron and Pippingford Furnaces
    • Excavations in the Iron-Age Hill Fort and Romano-British Settlement at Garden Hill, Hartfield, E.Sussex by A. D. F. Streeten
    • Batsford Furnace, 1978 by D. R. Bedwin
    • Reviews
    • Errata (Bulletin 14)

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 16 (1979)pdf download

    • Provisional Identification of Ironworkers among French immigrants listed in the Denization Rolls of 1541 and 1544 by B. G. Awty
    • The Weale Manuscript by J. Hodgkinson
    • A Roman Coin from Great Cansiron Bloomery Site by C. F. Tebbutt
    • A Reconstruction Drawing of a Finery Forge by R. G. Adams
    • The Missing half of a Letter by John Fuller on the Iron Mines in the County of Sussex by R. Saville
    • Brambletye Forge Revisited by C. F. and M. Tebbutt
    • New Bloomery Sites
    • Historical Metallurgy Society Conference
    • Reviews

Wealden Iron, 1st series, 17 (1980)pdf download

    • Identification of Places of Origin of French Ironworkers by B. Awty
    • An Example of Wealden Ordnance by J. Hodgkinson
    • Wealden Iron in Maresfield by J. Pettitt
    • Darvell Furnace, Mountfield by J. Manwaring Baines
    • Sources for the History of the Wealden Iron Industry in the Public Record office
      • Part 1: Inquisitions by S. M. Jack
    • Recent Fieldwork by C. F. Tebbutt
      • Ashdown Forest (pipe-line) Bloomery
      • A Saxon Iron-working Site at Buriton (Hants)
      • Bloomery Furnaces destroyed at Batsford
      • Coneyhurst Gill Forge, Ewhurst
      • Postern Forge, Tonbridge
      • Paine’s Place Furnace, Framfield
      • High Rocks Forge, Frant (Speldhurst)
      • New Light on Mayfield Furnace
      • A Source of Ore for Maynards Gate Furnace
    • Scheduling of Sites by the Department of the Environment in 1979
    • Omissions from the Index (Bulletin 12)