Experimental furnace smelt days 2022

Smelting experiments for 2022 will take place on the first Saturdays in the month (except June when the Historical Metallurgy Society’s experimental smelting weekend will take place): 7th May, 9th July, 6th August, 3rd September and 8th October.

Pippingford Park TQ 4382 3074 (off the A22: heading from Wych Cross, 1.5 miles S, entrance on left at beginning of layby; or approx. 3 miles N of Nutley – entrance on right at N end of layby – map can be supplied on request).

If you wish to attend please contact Tim Smith by e-mail secretary@wealdeniron.org.uk or Tel: 01403 710148.

Dates are subject to weather conditions and may be postponed if necessary. If the weather forecast for the Saturday is bad please contact Tim on 01403 710148 on the Friday evening prior to the smelt.