Excavating at Great Park Wood

A Romano-British bloomery smelting site at Udimore in East Sussex, dated to the 2nd century AD, is currently under investigation.

Further dig dates for 2024 are Saturday 13 July and Saturday 2o July, starting at 10.00am.

The above dates are weather dependent. The base of our main trench is about 1.8 m below ground level because we have had to remove over a metre of hill wash before we encounter the layers associated with iron-making. The trench acts as a sump whenever it rains and is slow to drain naturally. We have to resort to a pump to remove water and then leave the trench for a few days to dry before archaeology is possible. In addition the exceptional rainfall over the past six months has raised the local water table so that the dryer trenches have water oozing into them. Sun and a gentle breeze are much needed.

For further details contact Bob Turgoose or 01424 882657