The environmental implications of Romano-British iron production in the Weald

by Jaime Kaminski
PhD Thesis, University of Reading, 1995

Chapter 1  Introduction
Chapter 2  Geology, Topography and Land Use
Chapter 3  The Environment and Archaeology of the Pre-Roman Weald
Chapter 4  Methodology and Taphonomy
Chapter 5  The Distribution of the Iron Industry on the Periphery of the High Weald
Chapter 6  The Distribution of the Iron Industry in the Eastern High Weald
Chapter 7  The Distribution of the Iron Industry in the Western High Weald
Chapter 8 The Environmental Impacts Associated with Roman Iron Production
Chapter 9  The Woodlands of the Weald
Chapter 10  The Economics of the Industry
Chapter 11  Conclusions
Appendix 1  The Association between Charles Dawson and the Beauport Park Statuette
Appendix 2  Charcoal Production
Appendix 3 Pollen Analysis from Chitcombe, Hoath Wood

A scanned copy of the original text can be downloaded (30Mb PDF)